Frogs & Friends Web Documentary


Art Direction, Creative Direction, Online Project, Web Documentary

Release Date

July 2016

Production Company

Filmtank GmbH, with the support of the Interactive Media Foundation gGmbH


Frogs & Friends e.V.


Art Direction, Creative Direction


HTML5, Canvas




Big Stories from small messengers

Amphibians are the pioneers of terrestrial life, they are astonishing creatures that are vastly connected with our life and history. But aside from public awareness one third of all species are endangered of extinction – with the tendency to rise.

The web documentary tells the story of amphibians in an emotional and visual stunning way.

Everything began with a leap from water onto land. Travel 380 million years back in time and experience the first steps on land and the phenomenon of metamorphosis.

Today they inhabit almost all of the world. Flying frogs, lungless salamanders, toads in desert sand – amphibians are true masters of adaptation. Discover their extreme habitats.

Listen to the story of the beautiful golden toad – it´s a sad story, and it is true. Learn about the threats of amphibians and what you can do to support them to survive.

The mix between beautiful illustrations, documentary footage, expert interviews, stunning photographies and facts about amphibians, all guided by a narration, creates an emotional experience by conveying scientific informations and important facts about this fascinating but highly endangered species of amphibians.
Release Date: July 2016


Concept and Idea:

Lena Thiele, Sebastian Baurmann

Creative Direction:

Lena Thiele

Art Direction:

Sebastian Baurmann

Interactive Concept:

Lena Thiele, Sebastian Baurmann

Technical Development:

Nicolas Bregenzer