Ulm Stories – Voices of the Minster


App, Art Direction, Visual FX

Release Date

July 2017

Production Company

Interactive Media Foundation


Interactive Media Foundation


Art Direction, Creative Direction


Photoshop, Premiere Pro

The Project

In the 14th century the citizens of Ulm had a vision of massive dimensions – the Ulm Minster, a cathedral 500 years in the making and today the highest steeple of the world.


Ulm Stories voices of the Minter is an audio installation featuring 12 audio sculptures based on and inspired by historical facts, art pieces and personal stories to embark on a journey back in time and experience the Minster from the inner perspective of its lively history.


For that purpose 60 iBeacons (bluetooth-controlled sensors) have been installed in the Minster tracking the audience while moving freely through the building and experience their personal and immersive journey, without being distracted by devices.


The project „Voices of the Minster“ is part of the wider project Ulm Stories which was created in the context of „Zukunftsstadt Ulm 2030“ city of the future initiative. Ulm Stories, integrating the VR Experience Ulm Stories / the dream of flying and the event Ulm Stories/ Resonanzen has been produced by IMF together with project partners who are leaders in their own field: demodern, MIIQO Studios, Dorian Roy, Tom Kombüchen and wittmann/zeitblom & Liebert.

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Creative Direction, Art Direction & Design:

Miiqo Studios

Text, Composition & Direction:



Dorian Roy, Tom Kombüchen, Tim Pulver


Interactive Media Foundation